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Our firm offers wide range of services including ozonizing and sterilization, which completely removes microorganisms and their spores in all types of premises (e.g. installations and equipment, especially in dirty air conditioning and ventilation). 

We recommend ozonization of facilities for removal of odors caused by flooding, burnings, as well as cigarette smoking, meal preparation, repairs (oppressive smell of paints and varnishes) and the presence of animals. 

Ozone limits the spread of diseases (e.g. flu) in major population centers (schools, offices, hospitals, clinics). We also carry out disinfection of air-conditioning and ventilation ducts in buildings, which protects against serious respiratory illnesses and increases comfort. 

We recommend our services in all types of facilities where food is produced and processed, where farming is conducted, etc. We recommend it also in factories, where as a result of the manufacturing process stench is produced that could pollute the atmosphere. 

We also recommend our services to all those who care about their health, the health of their own employees and like facilities smell like fresh spring air, no matter their use. 

We perform our services in the area of:

  • Disinfection (removal of bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens)
  • odour removal (mustiness , nicotine , burning, animal odors etc. )
  • oroom ozonizing (bureaus, houses, hospitals, spas, community health centers, caterers, ice-cream parlors, pubs , schools , outlets trainees , gyms , swimming pools, etc.)
  • ozonization of fleets: cars, airplanes, ships, buses, trains, etc.
  • additionally, we carry out safe and professional disinfestation and deratisation on demand

As a manufacturer of ozone generators, we have unlimited access to specialised equipment, therefore our services are carried out professionally and safely by professionals who use the latest generation devices.